To the Right Honourable Sidney Earle of Godolphin
Lord High Treasurer of Great Brittain &c

The Humble Petition of Gabriel le Clerk

One of the three Gravers of Her Majestys Mint

In the Tower of London


That in the month of Iune 1706 (there being then little or no business for him at the Tower) he obtained Leave from the principal Officers of the Mint. to go for {illeg} for three months to see his parents & settle some affaires there, but being afterwards detained there by the Electors. Hannover & {Palatine} to performe some services in the Mints. Their brightness did from time to time by theire Minister here solicit for his longer stay till those services were perform'd as the Elector Palatine hath signify'd to Your Lordship by Letter. & Barron Schutz has likewise commands to attend your Lordship from your Elector of Hannover to the same purpose

That your Petitioner was detained abroad five Quarters in per the services aforesaid amounting to one hundred pounds which he humbly hoped to have served at His return but Sir Isaac Newton informs thim that the accountt for the last year are made up & there cannnot pay him his salary due without your Lordships particuler direction

He therefore humbly prays your Lordships ation to his services abroad, attended with the recomendation of those noble princes who occasiond his stay & in regard theire Ministers here did from time to time obtaine have for his absence. humbly hope your Lordship will give imediate direction. that he may be paid his saide five Quarters salary to enable him to go on cheerfully in his duty for the future

And he shall ever pray &c

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