To the Right honourable The Lord High Treasurer

May it please your Lordship

We humbly take leave to represent to your Lordship that the House in the Mint belonging to the Surveyor of the Meltings is so decayed that it cannot be repair'd

That the money allow'd by Act of parliament for repaires & buildings in the Mint is not sufficient to keep all the Houses in the Mint in good repairs, that of which are very old & to build new ones

That your Lordship being impower'd by an Act of Parliament Anno 1705 to dispose of 500Li: a year for salaries & other services of the Mint out of which your Lordship has been pleased to allow 400L: to the Monyers for theire maintainance. We humbly pray Your Lordship will please to grant Vs an order for the remaining 100£ a year for two years to commence from Christmas last past to enable Vs to build a new House for the Surveyor of the melting

All which is humbly submitted

to your Lordships great wisdome


I Stanley

Is: Newton

Ino. Ellis

[1] Mint Office Iuly 21th: 1707

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