Charges of bringing her Majesties Gold from Portsmouth and melting it into Ingotts
The charges of the Officer of the Mint for riding 70 Post miles to Portsmouth } £s:d
Horse hire from Portsmouth 0:18:0
Expences on the Road and at Portsmouth 1–1–0
Boat hire to go on board the Man of Warr 0–2–0
£ 3––16:0
To the Carryer for bringing it up, and for Arming Men to guard it 5 Guineas } 5:7–6
Charges of melting into Ingotts .16:0

Allowed the 4th March 1705/6

I: Stanley

Is: Newton

Ino Ellis



Received the 1st April 1706 Nine pounds three shillings six pence for the charges above mentiond, and 12 pounds 18s mention'd in my Lord Treasurers Warrant by me

G Foord

£9. 3: 6
12. 18: 0his reward
0: 16: 0for melting
£22: 17: 6

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