The Case of Norwich Mint

At the setting up this Mint, Tho: Neale Esqr. late Master + Worker of the Mint did appoint Mr. Anthony Redhead a Pewterer to be his Deputy &c.

Mr. Redhead gave then to Mr. Neale a Bond of 2000l to the King for the due performances of his Office, + for answering such summe or summs of mony as he should recieve by vertue of his Deputation.

At the breaking up of that Mint it appear'd by the accounts transmitted to the Mint in the Tower by the proper Officers of Norwich that there remained due to severall Collectors + Receivers of the publick Revenue 23095oz. of Hammer'd Mony whichat 5s. per ounce comes to 5772l: 15s: 00d.

Mr. Neale having in vain pressed Mr. Redhead to give him an account of such a Deficiency was at last order'd by the the Lords of the Treasury to sue him upon his Bond, which haveing done he soon obtain'd an Extent against him, Confined his Body to Prison (where he still remaines) + gott a sale of his goods + Chattles amounting to 286: 05: 06:

Mr. Redhead exhibited sometime after an Account of his transactions at Norwich Mint, + therein he remaines indebted in the summ of 3347: 00: 11: {14} if all the Atricles inserted in the said account be approved + allowed of.


To discharge himselfe of this summ he alledges that he had now by him three Receipts of Mr. Blofield for 2500l dated in Augt. 1697 which he presents will Discharge what remaines due to the said Mr. Blofield from that Mint, but as these Notes were given by Mr. Blofield in part of what was then due to him from the Mint, + seeing he has stated with Mr. Redhead severall summs from him, for which he sign'd the Tickett Books as was usuall, it is to be fear'd that those three Notes he has now by him have already been accounted for though not taken up by Mr. Blofield, which is a fault some other Receivers did Committ as well as he, as has been proved to Mr. Redhead himselfe in another Case, However this remaines still undetermined because Mr. Blofield as yet has made no formall Demand of the Mint, though his agent has had orders long ago to petition my Lord High Treasurer about it.

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