April 22d 1714

May it Please Your Lordship

Amongst the many and various Crimes Cheats and Defrauds that are practised & Committed in this Kingdom, that of Counterfeiting the Coine & after passing it for Good seems to be the greatest & at this time makes the greatest Confusion & disturbance above any One Crime Committed in this Nation by reason of which the trading & trades people of all sorts suffer daily to a very great Degree in all parts of the same and this by a Iugling Crew of People who have for many Years past made this their trade and Business.

Therefore to put a Period to all these Calamities if a Sole & absolute Pardon could be granted and obtained published & set forth for all those under the Circumstances of this Crime who will within so many Dayes after Proclamation appear & plead to the same (or how in wisdom may be thought fitt) and that Care & Protection may be had for Your Petitioner with a Conditional Reward, or some place, or Business for the support of My Self and Family I will forthwith after such proclamation appear as shall therein be Directed and will make known how, and of what Composition the said Counterfeit Coin is made & also all the Iugling tricks and methods that are Vsed by those that Change it off or putt it away these things being known there is also certain ways & rules to be taken & made use off very Demonstrable that will prevent the like for the future so that Counterfeit Coin will in a short time become a stranger to this Kingdome.

This would be a Branch of Glory to Her Majestys Reign, an Honour to the Nation, a preservation of the subjects & an utter Destruction of this sort of Vice & Practice for Ever. I having for some time past had the opportunity to get the true knowledge of these things for no other End or purpose then what is here incerted being well assured that there is ways & means to be Vsed that will prevent those Evil practices for time to Come & no sooner have I gained what is necessary & convenient to be knowne but I have Delivrd in my Petition as in Duty bound hoping it may be taken notice of according to the true Intent & Meaning of Your Petitioner it being a National Concerne Humbly asking pardon for all things that may be Resented otherwise than design'd by Me for Good

It being a Matter of this Nature & Consequence I could neither aske Council or Advice nor the handwriting of any scribe with all submission desire at least 8 or Ten days Notice by reason of Distance if Accepted

I am

Your Lordships Most Obedient Servant

P:– B.

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