To the Right Honourable the Lord High Treasurer of England.

May it Please Your Lordship

Having in a late Report concerning the Gravers of the Mint represented to Your Lordship that greatest part of the House formerly belonging to the Graver of the Mint should be divided between Mr. Croker & Mr. Bull whom we when Reccommended to your Lordship to be the two first Gravers, & that part of it should be reserved for a third Graver when a fitt person could be found but being informed that such a Clause cannott well be Incerted in a Patent & being sensible that it will be more Convenient that the Disposition of the Gravers house should be allways under theDirections of the principal officers of the Mint as they shall see Occasion we therefore humbly Desire Your Lordship will please to order that the Gravers House may be disposed off among the Gravers of the Mint, as the Warden Master Worker & Comptroller of the Mint shall think fitt

All which is most humbly submitted &ca     I Stanley Is: Newton In Ellis


[1] Mint office
Novr: 15: 1704.

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