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George by the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all to whom these presents shall Come Greeting. Whereas Our late Royal Sister Anne Queen of Great Britaine did by Her Letters patents under Her Great Seale of England bearing Date at Westminster the Eleventh Day of Iune in the first year of Her Reign, Give and Grant unto Her Trusty and Welbeloved Isaac Newton Esqr. (since Sir Isaac Newton Knight) the Office of Master and Worker of all Her Moneys both Gold & Silver within Her Mint in Her Tower of London and elswhere in Her Kingdome of England, with the Yearly Fee or Pension of Five Hundred pounds payable in such manner as is therein mentiond. To have & to hold the said office unto the said Isaac Newton by Himself or his sufficient Deputy or Deputys, (for whom he would be answerable) And also the said Fee or pension of Five Hundred pounds together with all Edifices, Emoluments, Gardens, and other Fees Allowances profits, priviledges, Franchises and Immunities belonging to the aforesaid Office for & during Her said late Majestys pleasure as by the said recited Letter patents (relation being thereunto had) may more fully and at large appear. In which said office according to the Forme of the Statute in such case made & provided He is continued for the space of Six Months from the Time of the Demise of Her said late Majesty unles He shall by us be sooner removed & discharged from the same. Now Know Yee that we have revoked & determined, & by these presents do Revoke & determine the said recited Letters patents, & every Clause, Article & Thing therein contained. And further Know Yee that We for divers good Causes and Considerations Vs thereunto moving of Our especial Grace, certain Know
ledge, & meer motion Have Given & granted & by these presents do Give and Grant unto Our Trusty and Welbeloved the said Sir Isaac Newton, the office of Master & Worker of All Our Moneys both Gold & Silver within Our Mint in Our Tower of London & Elswhere within that part of Our Kingdom of Great Britain called England Together with the Fee or Yearly Pension of Five Hundred pound{s} to be Quarterly paid to Him from the time the same was last satisfyed out of such Moneys as by any Act or Acts of Parliament already made for Encouraging of Coinage and allowed to be Issued Yearly out of Our Exchequer for the Fees & Salarys of the Officers of the Mint or Mints, & towards the provideing, maintaining, and repairing the Houses, Offices & Buildings, & other Vses in the said Acts or any of them mentiond for so long time as the same shall Continue in force, and after the said Act or Acts shall cease out of such other Money and in such other manner, as shall by an Act or Acts of Parliament hereafter to be made be appointed, or allowed to be Issued out for the Fees or Salarys of the Officers of the Mint or Mints And in default of any such Allowance or Appointment to be hereafter made by Parliament. Then the said Fee of Five Hundred pounds per Annum to be paid out of Our Seigniorage or Allowance of Coiange for Gold & Silver Moneys or other Our profits of the Mint. And Know Yee also that we for the Considerations aforesaid Have Given & granted & by these presents do give & grant unto the said Sir Isaac Newton, all Edifices Buildings, Gardens, & other Fees, Allowances, profits, privilidge{s} Franchises & Immunities belonging to the aforesaid office To Have, hold, Exercise and Enjoy the said Office of Master & Worker to Him the said Sir Isaac Newton by Himself or his sufficient Deputy, or Deputys (for whom He will be Answerable) together with the said Fee or Yearly pension of Five Hundred pounds & the said Houses Edifices, Buildings, Gardens, & other Fees, Allowances, profits, Advantages, privilidges, Franchi{ses} Libertys & Immunities for & during Our pleasure in as full & ample Manner as He the said Sir Isaac Newton or any other person or persons heretofore holding or Exercising the said Office have had, held, or enjoyed, or ought to have had, hold, or enjoyed the same. Provided always & under this Condition And Our Will & Pleasure is that the said Sir Isaac Newton after He is in possession of the said Office by Virtue of these presents shall within three months next after Signifycation of Our pleasure in that Behalfe by the Commissioenrs of Our Treasury, or Our High Treasurer of Great Britain for the time being make & Execute on His part, such Indenture & Agreements for & Concerning the makeing of the several sorts of Money Gold & Silver, and for the payment of the several officers of the Mints & other Matters & things relating thereunto, & to the Execution of the said Office as were formerly made with Alterations & Additions if Any shall be thought fit, & directed by Vs for the better Management & Carrying on of that Service. In Witness whereof we have Caused these our Letters to be made paten{ts}

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Witness Our Selves at Westminster the first day of Ianuary in the first year of Our Reign.

By Writt of Privy Seale


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[1] Sir Isaac Newton Knight to be Master & Worker of the Mint 1st. Ianr. 1714.

[2] Irrotulatur in officio Honbles. Edwarde Harley arm. Auditore. 9°. die febr. 171415   Ier. Oakely Deputy Auditor

[3] Irrotulatur in officio Tho. foley arm. Auditore. 25to. die feb. 1714.    fr. Blythell deputy Auditor

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