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At the Court at Kensington the 1st July 1718


The Kings most Excellent Majesty in Councill

It is this day Ordered by his Majesty in Councill That the Lords of his Majestys most Honourable Privy Councill do meet at the House Inhabited by the Vsher within the Receipt of his Majestys Exchequer at Westminster on Mond the 4th day of August next at Nine of the Clock in Morning for the tryall of his Majestys Coins in the Pix of the Mint within the Tower of London And the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain is to require the Wardens and Company of Goldsmiths of London to summon a Iury of Working Goldsmiths to give attendance on their Lordships at the place aforesaid And the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury are to Direct the Warden Master & Worker and Comptroller of his Majestys Mint within the Tower of London with the rest of the Officers there in concerned to be then present

Edward Southwel

[1] Officers of the Mint to attend the Tryall of the Pix

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