After &ca. Vpon consideration of the aforegoing Report made to Me by the Barons of her Majestys Court of Exchequer in Scotland relating to the Demands of the Provost & Monyers of her Majestys Mint in the Tower of London on Account of the recoynage of the Moneys in Scotland upon the Vnion, and also of the annexed Certificate in that Matter (referred to by the said Barons) of the Warden & Comptroller of her Majestys Mint at Edinburgh Whereby it appeares that the Sum of 2692li. 15s. 3d12 is still remayning due to the said Provost & Monyers for that recoynage upon the several Allowances setled for the same by her Majestys Warrant bearing date the 12th. day of Iuly 1707. These are in pursuance of the Authority to me given by a Clause in an Act of Parliament Entituled [An Act for charging and continuing the Duties upon Malt Mum Cyder and Perry for the service of the year 1712. and for applying part of the Coynage Dutys to pay the Deficiency of the value of Plate coined and to pay for the recoynage of the Old money in Scotland] to Authorize and require you Out of such money as is or shall be in your hands of the Coynage Duty to pay unto the said Provost and Monyers or whom they shall appoint to receive the same the said Sum of 2692li. 15s. 3d12 in full satisfaction of what remaines due to them upon the several Allowances setled by her Majestys said Warrant for or upon Account of the recoynage aforesaid and of all Demands any waies relating thereunto. And for so doing this being first entred with the Auditors of her Majestys Imprests and in the Office of the Queens Remembrancer in Scotland and with the Auditors there to the end her Majesty may not be liable to any double payments or demands of the said Sum or any part thereof shall be as well to you for payment as to the said Auditors of Imprests for allowing thereof in your Accounts a Sufficient Warrant.
Whitehall Treasury Chambers 21st March 171112.



[1] To Sir Isaac Newton Knight Master & Worker of her Majestys Mint in the Tower of London.

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