To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners {o}f His Majestie's Treasury.

May it Please Your Lordship's

According to your Lordship's Order of Reference of the 8th instant, We have considered the Matter contained in the Petition of Mr. Richd. Barrow who about three years ago was by Mr. Peyton then Warden of the Mint Deputed to prosecute Clippers Coyners and Vtterers of False Money, and that a Bill of Charges for such Services for about a year & three Quarters ending at Michaelmas 1713 was in December following Referred to the Officers of the Mint which after some Abatements made by them came to the summ of 387£. 14s. 7d as they then represented in their Report. And We are humbly of Opinion that the said Bill be paid off out of the 400£ per Annum made applicable to this service by Act of Parliament.

And We are further of Opinion that Mr. Barrow continue to Act in prosecuting Sarah Harris (mentioned in his Petition) and other Offenders untill the present Warden of the Mint return to London, and that his Charges in prosecuting since Michaelmas was a Twelve month be then stated and paid off, and the Method of prosecuting and paying the Charges thereof be then settled upon the same Foot as in the Lord Treasurer Godolphins time or upon a better

All which is most humbly Submitted

to Your Lordships great Widsom.


Is. Newton

Martin Bladen

[1] {Mi}nt Office
{9th} {M}arch. 17145

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