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Letter from the Master and Worker of the

Mint to Mr. Chancellour concerning the

Value of Spanish Money

Mint Office Ianry. 16th. 17123


Our Assay Master being out of Town and his Clerk Sick in bed I got the Two Spanish Pieces Assayed at Goldsmith's Hall The Piece of King Charles weighed 3 dead weight 12gr. and in fineness was four Penny Weight worse then Standard, The Value thereof in English Money is 10d. & 35ths. of a Penny The Piece of King Philip weighed 4dwt.. 14 grain and was One Ounce Two Penny Weight worse then Standard and in Value 11d half Penny English They seem to be Quarter Pieces of Eight of the New Species and in the nearest Round Numbers, Five of them may be reckon'd worth a Mexico or Pillar Piece of Eight If I had had Two or Three More of each sort I could have made a better Iudgement of them, but by the best Iudgement I can make of these Two only it seems to Me that they may be diminished in Value of One Fift Part or in the Proportion of five to four. I am


Your most Obedient and

most Humble Servant

Is. Newton


Report of the Ass{ays} of Spanish pieces


Report {of the} Officers {of the} Mint

[1] Treasury Chambers 19th Ianry 1713

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