To the Most Honourable Robert Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain

May it please Your Lordship

In Obedience to Your Lordship's Order of Reference Signified to Vs by Mr. Taylour the 21st. August last, upon the Annexed Memorial of Mr. Brydges for Directions as to the Rate that French Current money shall be Computed at for the subsistence of Her Majesties Forces in Dunkirk, and Your Lordship Directing Vs to Consult Sir Isaac Newton thereon.

We the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army and Master Worker of Her Majesties Mint, Do humbly Report to Your Lordship, That Twenty shillings sterling pass at Dunkirk for Seventeen Livres, but are worth (Intrinsick Vallue) Nineteen Livres thirteen sols which Leaves a Loss of two Livres thirteen Sols or two shillings eight pence sterling Whereas in Flanders the Loss is but about twelve stivers, or One Shilling two pence sterling (whereof about half was borne by the Queen) as appears by the Annexed Computation.

We further Observe to Your Lordship That We cannot yet learne what may be the Loss of buying <178v> Bullion of the Merchants, and sending it to Dunkirk to be coined at the next Mint for paying the Forces.

But We are Credibly Inform'd the Forces at Dunkirk are willing still to Accept of small Bills by way of Antwerp, as has hitherto been practised, and upon the old Allowance, which seems to be Cheapest for Her Majesty, and may be Continued by the present Signe Manual till further Reason occurs to alter it.

We also offer to Your Lordship's Consideration whether provisions may not be sent from hence in part of their Subsistance.

All which is humbly submitted

to Your Lordship.


P. Medows

Ia. Bruce

Is. Newton


7th. October 1712.

Report of the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army upon the memorial of Mr: Brydges's relating to the Reduction of the Current money at Dunkirk into sterling money for the paying the Forces there.


[1] Comptrollers Office
Privy Garden 7th. October 1712

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