To the Most Honourable the Earle of Oxford
and Earle Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain

May it please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships direction to lay a State before your Lordship of the several parcells of Tin that are now under Mortgage, the persons to whome, the places where, for what Terms, and upon what Conditions, with the Charge of keeping the said Tin: We humbly represent to your Lordship that upon a Loan of 100'000li. made Iuly the 1st. 1710; 1600 Tunns of Tin were mortgaged to Mr. Moses Berenger and sent into Holland at her Majesties Charge, That upon a Loan of 10'000li. 1st. Iuly 1710. 160 Tunns of Tinn were mortgaged to Sir Theodore Ianssen and remain still in the Mint under the key of the Storekeeper, That upon a Loan first of 40'000li. 1st. of September 1710. and then of 20'000li. more 4th. October. following, 960 Tuns of Tinn Were Mortgaged to Sir Iohn Lambert, Mr. Edward Gibbon, and Mr. Francis Stratford and sent to Hamburgh at her Majesties Charge.

That these several summs were Lent at the Interest of 6 per cent & that the Charges of Warehouse room Commission or reward in Holland and at Hamburgh are paid out of this Interest without any further Charge to her Majesty.

That Mr. Berenger is to be paid 30'000li'. at Christmas next 30'000L. more at Lady day next and 40'000li. more at Midsummer next. Sir Theodore Ianssen is to be paid his 10'000li. at Christmas next, and Sir Iohn Lambert and partners 40'000li. at Christmas 1712. and 20'000li. at Christmas 1713. and upon these payments the said parties are to return to her Majesty the said Tin mortgaged in proportion to the summes paid to them, that is for every 10'000li. the quantity of 160 Tunns of Tinn, and in default of payment the said several partyes are allowed to sell and dispose of her Majesties Tinn at the best Market price that can be gotten in such proportions as shall be sufficient to make good the repayment of the Principall and Interest, they the said severall parties being answerable to her Majesty for the overplus; But we do not find that they have yet begun to sell any of the said Tinn.

All which is most humbly submitted

to your Lordships great Wisdom


Cra: Peyton

Is. Newton


Officers {of the} Mint state of the Tin mortgage

[1] Mint Office the 20th Augst

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