May it please your Lordships

In obedience to your Lordships Order signified to us by Mr Lowndes that we should prepare an account of what Quantity of Plate has been brought in upon the Resolutions of the house of Commons & the value thereof & lay the same before your Lordships this morning: We humbly represent that on friday when we began to receive & on saturday there was brought in 71584oz 10dwt of old Plate & 35767oz of new. The first at 5s 5d per ounce comes to 19387li. 9s. 4d12 The second at 5s 8d per ounce comes to 10133li. 19s. 8d. And both together come to twenty nine thousand five hundred twenty one pounds nine shilings. And there lies about two or three thousand pounds worth of Plate at the Mint to be weighed this morning. We are


My Lords

Your Lordships most humble

& most obedient Servants

C. Peyton

Is. Newton

In Ellis


To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of her Majesties Treasury.

14 May 1711

Officers of the Mint account of plate brought in

[1] Mint
May 14 1711

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