Ian 6. 17034

May it please your Lordship

The Warden & Comptroller of the Mint having sometimes exprest a desire that the charge of her Majestys Tinn should be in the board of the Mint, with a common Treasurer or Receiver under them, & the Assaymaster having very much desired some imployment about the Tinn & being of the board for things below stairs: I humbly beg leave to lay their desires before your Lordship, & to signify that when your Lordship shall resume the consideration of lodging the Tinn in the Tower I am ready to serve her Majesty in such a manner as your Lordship in your great wisdome shall think fit. I am with all submission

My Lord

Your Lordships most humble

and most obedient servant

Is. Newton.


Mr Newton

25 Iany 1703

My Lord doth intend that the Tin shall be receiv'd + disposed by the Officers of the Mint.

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