To the Right Honourable Sidney Lord Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of England.

May it please your Lordship

I lately laid before your Lordship an Accompt of the charge of Medals of Gold & Silver for her Majestys Coronation amounting to 2485li. 18s. 3d12: towards the discharge of which I have in my hands 1886li. 6s. 3d12 being the remainder of the Ballance of Mr Neales Accompt. Which money was given by Act of Parliament to defray the expence & charges of his late Majestys several Mints & to clear the monies due to the several Importers there. Out of this remainder there have been paid several summs on Accompt of the Country Mints as in the Bill annexed, & other summs are still to be paid on the same Account all which exceed the said Remainder &, if your Lordship think fit, being placed on the Coynage Duty, the said Remainder of 1886li. 6s. 3d12 will become clear, excepting such further summs as your Lordship shall think fit to allow out of the same for rebuilding the Press house & paying to Mr Weddell a salary of 60li per annum to which the Coynage duty is not applicable. Wherefore I humbly pray your Lordships Warrant to the Auditors of the Imprests for allowing out of the said Remainder such summ as your Lordship shall think fit towards the discharge of the Accompt above mentioned & that the residue of this Accompt may be paid to me out of such other fund as your Lordship in your great wisdom shall think meet.

All which &c


Isaac Newton.


Memoriall of Mr. Newton about the Country Mints
Speak to the auditors when they come.

[1] Mint Office
15th Apr. 1702.

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