To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesties Treasury.

May it please your Lordships

In obedience to your Lordships commands we have considered the Proposals of Mr Peter Floyer & Mr Charles Shales for receiving the hammered money & delivering the full weight thereof in standard silver into the Mints deducting only for a recompence eight grains out of every ounce Troy, which is 12d14 12 farthing in every pound weight. And we most humbly lay before your Lordships that in our opinion the charges of performing that service may amount to upon the pound weight

For the first melting34
For the wast in melting 2 the sweep being estimated at a farthing
For the loss by the worsness 234
For refining 12 12 farthing
For incidents 12
For the Gentlemens care
trouble & hazzard
} 1
In the whole 712 & 12farthing

All which is most humbly submitted to your

Lordships great wisdome

Is. Newton

Tho. Hall


Read 26 Feb 96.

To be shewed to Mr Floyr & Mr Shales the Petitioners.

Report {of the} Mint

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