The two standard Piles of English Troy Weights kept in the Exchequer & Mint were both made in the year 1588, & are of the same weight, excepting that the Mint Pile is about a grain heavier then the Exchequer Pile. The Scotch Pile made in the year 1607 has been kept without wearing & is lighter then the English Pile by 9oz. 6dwt. 16gr, as it ought to be.

+ The outmost weight of the Exchequer Pile is 12 grains lighter then the outmost weight of the mint Piles & the outmost weight but one of the Exchequer Pile is 9 grains heavier then then the outmost weight but one of the Mint Pile. The ounce weight & half ounce weight of the Exchequer Pile are each of them 14 grain lighter then the like Mint weight. The rest of the Exchequer weights equal the correspondent Mint weights without any sensible difference. Where the weights differ The errors are in the Exchequer weights. For the greater weights are in proportion to the samller, in the Mint Pile, but not in the Exchequer Pile. For in the Exchequer Pile the outward weight is a penny weight lighter then then the remainder of the weights within it, & the outward weight of this remainder is 9gr heavier them all the weights within it. But in the Mint Pile the outward weight equals the summ of the inward {weights} in the end within a grain or 2 The new Pile made this year 1707 & stamped with the rose & thistle crowned is about 312gr heavier then the Exchequer Pile & 3gr heavier then the Old Mint Pile. This old Mint Pile is now to be kept as a standard only to try the new Mint Pile & the new is to be used as a standard to try the Bell weights. The weights in the new Mint Pile are in exact proportion to one another.


These are to will & require you forthwith upon receipt hereof to summons & warne all & every the persons hereunder written

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