To the Right honourable the Lords Comissioners of his Majesties Treasury

May it please your Lordshipps.

In obedience to your Lordshipps Order of Reference of Iune 16°: last Vpon the Memoriall of ye Warden of his Majesties Mint Concerning a Clerk to be allowed him for assisting him in ye prosecution of Clippers & Counterfeiters of ye Coine And concerning ye Moneys to beare ye Charges of such prosecutions And ye method of accounting for ye same Wee humbly represent to your Lordshipps That ye late Wardens have been allow'd such a Clerk And have been supply'd with money's partly by a privy Seale Impowering them to seize the Forfeited Estates of Convicted Criminalls And partly out of ye Civill List Money Vntill an allowance not Exceeding £400: per Annum Made out of ye Coinage Money by Act of Parliament for Carrying on this Service.

Wee are therefore humbly of Opinion That ye Warden of ye Mint Doe find out a fitt person to attend him as Clerk & Sollicitor to draw up Informations & Warrants And Enter them into Books And attend prosecutions at ye Old Bailey & Assizes And that this Officer be allow'd a Sallery of £60: per Annum as formerly And that upon being sent into ye Country to apprehend and prosecute Offenders Hee be further allow'd 15s: per day Travelling Charges for himselfe & his horse And such other persons as shall be sent upon ye like services Be allow'd for themselves & their Horses Such Travelling Charges as ye Warden shall allow of Not exceeding 10s: per day to ye two principall of them And 8s: per day to ye rest And that in lieu of Pocket Expences Coach hire Fees of Courts Charges of Wittnesses And such other incident Expences as cannot be ascertained by good Vouchers or would perplex the Accounts There be Allow'd for ev'ry House Searcht in London ye summ of 10s: And in the Country ye sum of 25s: and for ev'ry person apprehended & brought before a Iustice of Peace And Comitted to prison in London the summ of 10s: And in ye Country the summ of 25s: To be equally divided between ye persons who Search or apprehend & carry to prison And for ev'ry person Indicted & Tryed in London ye summ of 50s: And in ye Country ye summ of £4: To him or them who by ye Warden's order shall sollicitt & mannage ye prosecution Besides Councellours Fees provided there be soe many Witnesses as may justify the bringing ye person accus'd to a Tryall.

Wee are also humbly of opinion That ye Master & Worker of ye Mint be impower'd by a Sign Manual to pay the Sallery of ye said Clerk or Sollicitor Quarterly as it shall become due And to advance to him such summes of Money from time to time as by allowance or order under ye Warden's hand hee the said Sollicitor shall desire or demand for Carrying on ye Prosecutions Not exceeding in ye Whole £200 per Annum And to pay what shall be further due to ye said Sollicitor upon his accounts duely stated and allow'd And that ye Auditors of ye Mint be directed & requir'd in ye said Signe Manuall To allow in ye Accounts of ye Master & Worker All ye said payments Not exceeding in the whole the summ of £400 per Annum allow'd by Act of Parliament for this service.

And wee are further humbly of opinion that ye Sollicitor doe at ye end of every halfe yeare Lay before ye Master & Comptroller of ye Mint An Account of ye Services perform'd by him or his assistants Vpon which any Money's be due Or have been paid to him or them With a Certificate from the Warden in Writeing That those Services were done by his Order And alsoe a Bill or Bills for all Money's due or paid to him or others for these services According to ye Allowances abovementioned Together with Receipts for Money paid to others And also a Bill or Bills of Money's paid for Councellor's Fees Extraordinary Habeas Corpus's Lord Chiefe Iustices Warrants &c And that he incert nothing into those Bills without Receipts or other good Vouchers for ye same Nothing for Country people assisting in searching Houses and in apprehending & Carrying to prison persons suspected or Accus'd And that ye Master & Worker & the Comptroller Doe Examine & Signe those Bills as Vouchers to ye Annuall Accounts of ye said Sollicitor And that at the end of ev'ry yeare The said Sollicitor doe lay his account for that year first before the Warden of ye Mint to be Examin'd & Sign'd And then before the Lord High Treasurer Or Lords Comissioners of the Treasury for their approbation <450v> Or direction how ye same shall be Auditted stated Allow'd & discharg'd.

And if ye accountant Craves any augmentation of any Allowance for Services Not within ye Rules abovementioned That the same be laid before the Lord High Treasurer or Lords Comissioners of ye Treasury Att the end of his account.

All which is most humbly Submitted to your Lordshipps great wisdome.


Isaac Newton

M: Bladen


5°: Iuly 1715:

Copy {of a} Report {of the} Master & Comptroller {of the} Mint

To ye Lords of ye Treasury.

Concerneing prosecutions &c

[1] Mint Office
Iuly 5°: 1715°:

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