To the Honourable Lord High Treasurer of England

May it please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships Reference of 23 Novembr. last we have enquired into the case of Mr Anthony Redhead late Master & Worker of the Mint in Norwich and find it truly stated in the annexed paper on which the said Reference is endorsed{.} And whereas Mr Redhead in discharge of a debt of 2497li 16s. 3d owing to Mr Leonard Blofield a Receiver of Land Taxes in Norfolk produces three Receipts for 2500li paid out of that Mint to Mr Blofields Order, We find that these three Receipts are in the form of private Receipts so that they cannot be allowed by an Auditor as Vouchers in Mr Redheads Accompts. If any thing be due upon them it is to be recovered in a Court of Iustice by Mr Redhead or by him or them who shall answer Mr Redhead's debts to her Majesty. But upon examining the matter we are humbly of opinion for the reasons specially reported in another annexed paper that the money paid upon those Receipts hath been accounted for & endorsed upon the printed Mint Tickets & that the Receipts are thereby voyd & should have been cancelled & Mr Redhead himself insists not peremptorily on them but submits them to your Lordships wisdome.

We humbly conceive therefore that for bringing these matters to an issue the Accompts of the Country Mints should be passed without regard to these Receipts & Mr Neale set insuper & then Mr Neales Administratix or Security charged with the debt. For Mr Redhead seems poor & unable to make satisfactio{n} & not unfit to be set at liberty so soon as it may be done by the consent of all parties concerned.

We further lay before your Lordship that Mr Redhead at the conclusion of the Mint was indebted to Mr Chaplyn a Receiver of Land Taxes for 2573oz 5dwt of hammered money at 5s per ounce the summ of 643li. 6s. 3d & that in Mr Chaplyn's Account which is past & declared & a Quietus obtained Mr Redhead is set insuper for this debt at 5s 8d per ounce whereas Mr Neale should have been set insuper & that only at 5s per ounce.

All which is most humbly submitted &c.

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