To the Right Honourable Sidney Lord Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of England.

May it please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships Order of Reference of Iuly 3 upon the annexed Petition of Mr Anthony Redhead late Master & Worker of the Mint at Norwich, we have considered the matter and humbly represent that the Petitioner for a debt of above 3300li due to the Treasury of that Mint had an Extent taken out against his body & goods by Mr Neale about Michaelmas 1699 & was thereupon committed to Prison in Ludgate (as he represents) where he hath continued ever since. That we do not know what private engagements there were between Mr Neale & the Petitioner upon the setting up of that Mint nor how poor the Petitioner is. But considering that he hath lain long in prison & that his estate if he hath any doth not appeare to us we beleive it reasonable that he should be set at liberty so soon as it can be done by a due method. For if her Majesty sets him at liberty she discharges Mr Neale & his security from the debt. The Petitioner was Mr Neale's Prisoner & to set him at liberty belongs to Mr Neales Administrators & security & yet if they set him at liberty they discharge him of the debt. In order {to} his liberty we are humbly of opinion that the Accounts of the country Mints which lye in the Auditors hands be dispatcht with all convenient speed & that Mr Neales security do attend the passing of them And when it appears how recconings stand between her Majesty & them, we shall be ready to advise with the Queens Coun{se}l about the next step for bringing things to an issue

All which is most humbly submitted &c

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