<390r> [1]

The Examination of Wittnesses taken upon Oath before Robert Thornhill Esqr: Chiefe Steward of his Majesties Court of Record of the Tower of London and one of the Iustices of the Peace the 16th: day of Iuly in the Year 1697.

[2]Iohn Taylor of the Liberty of the Tower Bayliffe maketh Oath that this Deponent had been one of the Bayliff's of his Majesties Court of Record of his Royall Pallace of the Tower of London for neare twenty Yeares past, and of his owne knowledge hath knowne, and was allwayes informed that time out of mine Arrests have been made in the said Tower of the Officers of the Mint, and Other by Virtue of his Majesties Writt out of the said Court, without any obstruction or exempted priviledge from the said Court or Arrests


Iohn Taylor

[3] <391r>

[4]Roger Baily Beadle of his Majesties Ancient Royall Liberty of the Tower of London, maketh Oath that on Satturday the 3d: day of Iuly Instant, he haveing a Warrant under the hand & seale of Robert Bateman Esqr: one of his Majesties Iustices of the Peace of the said Liberty to apprehend Phillip Atherton A Labourer in the Mint, & Elizabeth his wife, for assaulting and beating of Gideon Saunders A headborough in the Execution of his Office, and rescuing from him the Body of the said Elizabeth, who was CoCommitted to person by two Iustices of the Peace, This Deponent did repare to Mr: Brent, Provost of the Mint, and acquainted him therewith who sent an Officer with this Deponent to shewe him the said Atherton to the end this Deponent might execute the said Warrant which this Deponent did accordingly doe, and the said Atherton yielded Obedience thereunto, without any position whatsoever. All which was done without the knowledge or privicy of hte Right Honourable the Lord Lucas who did not back or allowance, or knowe of the said Warrant, or the execution thereof, untill the same was done



Roger Bailey

<392r> [6]

Robert Sturton one of the Wardens maketh Oath that on Satturday the 3d: day of Iuly Instant, This Deponent went with Mr. Ballingall and Mr: Candler to shew them the Tower and Mint, as is Vsuall which this Deponent haveing done, they paid 6d: in the press Roome and the Comeing to the Gate to go out; the Porters Wife and Sonn Lock't the Gate and Call'd other People, and told this Deponent and the 2: persons, that they must pay before they gott out, whereupon the said Candler offer'd her 2d: apiece, which she refused declareing that she took nothing but Silver in the kings Mint, or to that effect, whereupon the said Mr: Ballingall declared that he thought it was an Imposition, and so they went round another away out of the Mint, And this Deponent further saith that when the said two Persons were gone, this Deponent ask'd them if they would stopp him and Laying his hand on the Lock to putt it back (it being a Spring Lock) the said Porters sonn strooke and push'd this Deponent away and declared that my Lord Lucas nor this Deponent had nothing to do there, Whereupon this Deponent told him that if this Deponent had him out of the Tower he would kick him for the said abuse; who reply'd that he would go out of the Tower with this Deponent and thereupon this Deponent just touching him by the Coate to Come along with this Deponent he struck this Deponent on the face, and he, his Father, Mother, & sister fell upon this Deponent, and beate him, & gott others about them & about 2 hours afterwards, this Deponent mett the said Porter out of the Mint, and told him that if his sonn had so abused this Deponent as aforesaid out of the Tower, he would have {b}iled his back, which was all the threatning words used by this Deponent against the said Porter or his sonn Nor did this Deponent take his said son by the throate nor seize the Gate nor make any Fray otherwise than as aforesaid



Robert Sturton

<393r> [8]

Alexander Ballingall Chirurgeon of his Majesties Shipp the Canterbury, and the Bartholomew Candler Late Master of the Shipp Romney make Oath, that on Satturday the 3d: day of Iuly Instant These Deponents went to the Mint, being attended by Robert Sturton Warder, and after they had so done, and paid Six pence in the Press Roome, they Came to the Gate, the porters Wife and Soon Lockt the Gate, and called other persons to come downe; and Immediatly declared to these Deponents that they must pay before they went out, Whereupon this Deponent Candler mentioned theire giving them 2d: per piece, which she refused, and declared that she took nothing but Silver in the Mint, or to that effect & refused to Lett them out, whereupon this Deponent Ballingall declared that he Conceived it to be an Imposition, and they both went round another way, and Left the said Robert Sturton at the said Gate talking with the said Woman and her Sonn, and others



Alexander Ballingall

Barth: Candler

<394r> [10]

Richard Tarrant Labourer in the Mint, maketh Oath, that he was present on the said 3d: day of Iuly instant, at the time first mentioned, in the deposition of the said Robert Sturton, to be done at the Mint Gate, and heard and saw what he hath before deposed touching the said Gate, and the Assault by the Porter, his Wife, and Children which is true


Rich: Tarrant

[11] <395r> [12]

Marmaduke Soull Major of the said Tower, maketh oath, that by order of the Deputy Governors, this Deponent Carried a Corporall, and Sentinell to the Warden of the Mint, to observe his directions, what of this Deponent acquainted the said Corporall, and Sentinell, and declared to them that they must obey the Wardens orders, But this Deponent did not, nor the chiefe Governors, to his knowledge of beliefe, Order the said Corporall or Sentinell, to permitt, Entrance to my Lord Lucas, or any other person, and saith that for about one Yeare past, he hath been in Execution of the Office of Tower Major, And by order of the Chiefe Governor, or Deputy Governor hath given directions for the Centinell, as was usual, but never did give or believe that there was given, any manner of Orders to fire at any Person belonging to the Mint or any others in particular


[13] <396r> [14]

Thomas Hassall Servant to the Right Honourable the Lord Lucas, maketh Oath, that about 3: weeks since, his Lordshipp Commanded this Deponent, to go into the Mint, to desire the Warden, Provost, Monyers, Porter, or other Officers of the Mint, to come to his Lordshipp, which this Deponent did diligently obey 3 severall times, but could not fine any one of the said Officers, nor see above 2: ordinary men in the Mint, which this Deponent understood was to search for the Late King Iames.


Tho: Hassall

[15] <397r> [16]

Iohn Kenwell one of the Warders of the Tower maketh Oath, that about 6: Weeks since this Deponent went to shew the Tower & Mint to 2: Gentlemen (as is Vsuall) and the Porter of the Mint without any manner of provocation, told this Deponent, that if this Deponent Came into the Mint again, he would breake this Deponents head, and that my Lord Lucas nor this Deponent had nothing to doe there, and that he had a Pattent for his Place, and this Deponent had only a Warrant which was fitt to be pist on, or to that very effect.



Iohn Kenwell

<398r> [18]

The Information of Wm: Naule a Souldier in Capt: Headlands Company in Coll: Fichcombes Regiment taken on Oath before me Robert Bateman Esqr: one of his Majesties Iustices of the Peace for the Liberty of the Tower of London, the 26th day of Iuly Anno Domini 1697

[19]Who saith that he being Sentinell at the Deputy Governors doore, on Satturday Last being the 24th: day of Iuly Instant, about 5: of the Clock, one of the horsekeepers belonging to the Mint, being very drunk, came with two horses in this Deponents Post, on Gallop & had like to have rode over him, and because this Deponent opposed him, & endeavoured to keep his Post, the said Horse keeper call'd this Deponent severall foule names, this Deponent not having given him one work of provocation & severall other persons Came to this horse keeper, who were as drunk as he, And this Deponent believes, had not Maddam Farewell, the Deputy Governors Lady call'd so send for a Guard, they had murther'd him at his Post, for they threatn'd to take his piece, and shoot him through the head with it and further saith not.



The mark of

Symbol (sideways S) in text

Wm: Naule

<399r> [21]

The Ioint & severall informations of Henry Watkinson & Richard Paine: Servants to Coll Farewell Deputy Governor of the Tower, taken on Oath the 26th: day of Iuly Anno Domini 1697, before me Robert Bateman Esqr: one of his Majesties Iustices of the Peace for the Liberty of the Tower of London.

[22]Who severally say that Wm: Naule a Soldier in Capt: Headlands Company, in Coll Fichcombe regiment being placed a Centinell at theire Master the Deputy Governors doore, on Satturday Last the 24th: of this Instant Iuly one of the horse keepers belonging to the Mint, being (as they believe) drunk came on Gallopp with 2 horses, in the Soldiers Post, and riled Against him, and because the Soldier endeavord to keep his post, the horse keeper riled up to him several times, and Call'd him foule names, and threatned to pull him from his post, and in the meanetime, on Fowler a Clerk in the Mint, came and encouraged the said horse keeper, and bidd him dragg the Soldier by the eares from his post, take him away and shoot him through the head, & then the rest of the horse keepers coming to them they all threatn'd the soldier in such manner that Madam Farewell the Deputy Governors Lady, was going to send for a guard, for feare they should kill him, as they had threatn'd, and further say not.


Henry Watkinson

Richard Paine


[1] {Turr} London
16th Iuly 97.

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Libat Turr
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Libtat Turr
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[23] Iuratt Corramme
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