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Our Will & pleasure is & Wee doe hereby require & Authorize You as soon as the said Buildings, Tooles, & Engines shall bee sett up & fitted for Our service to Cause to be made by Way of the Mill & Presse the severall & respective Silver Coynes hereafter mentioned (that is to say) one peeice of Five shililngs one peeice of two shillings & sixpence & one shilling with our Portraiture & these Words Carolus 2dus. Dei Gra: on the one side And the Armes of our Kingdom in Four severall Escutcheons Crowned with their Points turned inwards, A Double Letter Cor Cypher of our Name this X between the said Escutcheons & the starr & order of our Garter in the Middle under the Points of them & these Words Mag: Brit: Fra: et Hib: Rex And the Year of our Lord on the other side of each of the said severall peeices, one peeice of six pence, one peeice of Four Pence, one Three Pence, one Two pence and one Penny in silver with our Portraiture & the same Inscriptions as upon the Greater Coynes on the one side & the said Double Letter or Cypher of our Name, with the severall Badges of our Kingdomes and Inscriptions on the other wise of each of the respective peeices of our smaller Monyes according to the Draughts lately made for our new silver Monyes by Iohn Roettiers one of our Chiefe Gravers presented unto us by You & approved on by Vs, Our further Will & pleasure is, And Wee doe hereby Command & Authorise You to Cause to be put upon the Edges or thicknesse of our peeices of Five shillings, And of two shillings and six pence in silver these Words following (that is to say) Decus et Tutamen and upon the Ring or Edges of our shillings & six pences in Silver which are too thinn to receive Letters you are to Cause as in all straight or Crosse Grayning only to be put as you shall Iudge it most secure for our said Coynes,

By his Majesties Comand

Whitehall 5th. Febry

Hen: Bennett

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