Charles R:

Having Resolved for the Preventing of Culling Clipping Casting & otherwise Counterfeiting of our Current Coynes to make Our Gold & Silver Mony's for the future by way of the Mill & Presse with Letters or Graynings about the Edges or thicknesse of the Pieces according to their respective Sizes lesser in Compasse than formerly (for the better takeing the Impression of the Stamp's) & more embossment, And haveing in order there unto Appoynted certain Buildings Horse Mills, Tooles, & Engines to be made & sett up in Our Mint within Our Tower of London; Our Mill & Pleasure is & Wee doe hereby require & Authorize You, when the said Buildings Tooles, & Engines shall be ready & fitt for our Service to Coyne or Cause to be Coyned in the said new way, the said severall sorts of Silver and Gold Coynes hereafter mentioned (that is to say) One Piece of Five shillings, A Halfe Crown Piece, A shillings & sixpence in Sivler And one Piece of Five Pounds, one Piece of twenty shillings, And one Piece of tenn shillings in Gold with our Portraiture & these words Carolus 2dus Dei Gra: on the one side, And the Armes of our Kingdom in Four severall Escutcheons Crowned with the Year of our Lord & these Words Mag: Brit: Fra: et Hib: Rex on the other side according to the Drafts <278v> Presented by Henry Slingesby Esqr. Deputy unto our Master Worker of the Mint, both for Our Gold & Silver Coynes, & approved on by us, together with such Mottoes & Inscriptions upon the Edges or thicknesse of the Gold and Silver Piece as You shall receive directions therein from Vs by our trusty & Wellbeloved servant Henry Slingesby Esqr. Our further Will & pleasure is And Wee doe hereby require & Authorize You to make the twenty shillings piece of Gold Coyned by way of the Mill and Presse, Iust twenty shillings in vallue & so the rest of our Gold Coynes accordingly in proportion after the rate & vallue allow'd by our late Proclamation for the raiseing of the price of Gold in this our Kingdom And this shall be sufficient Warrant unto You & everyone of You for so doeing, Given at Whitehall this present 17th. day of May. 1662

By His Majesties Command
Edwd. Nicholas

To Our trusty & Wellbeloved Sir Wm. Parkehurst Knight Warden Sir Ralph Freeman Knight Master Worker, Henry Slingesby Esqr. Deputy unto the said Master Worker, Iames Hoare Esqr. Comptroller & the rest of the officers of our Mint within the Tower of London & unto all Workmen & others employed by them in this Our Service.

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