To the Right Honourable the Earle of Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of England

May it please your Lordship

It being your Lordships pleasure to send Tin in Barrs to storehouses in Lisbon Genoa & Leghorn for supplying Portugal Spain Italy & Turkey with Tin, as Mr Taylor has signified to us, & for this end that we should send it in her Majesties Transports to Portsmouth to be there shipt off into her Majesties men of warr: we humbly lay before your Lordship that there being but few opportunities of Transports from hence to Portsmouth it will be more expeditious & also cheaper to send it from Cornwall to Portsmouth in the Tin-ships. And therefore we humbly propose that the Commissioners for the Tin affair in Cornwall may be ordered to run into barrs & ship off annually to Portsmouth three or four hundred Tunns (or such quantity as your Lordship shall think fit) of the Tin at Truro, taking the blocks together as they come to hand that the Pewterers here may have no occasion of complaining that the Tin sent to the Tower has been culled; & packing up the barrs in deale boxes, it being found by experience that barrells are too weak for this service. By this means the charge of carryage from Portsmouth hither & of unlading here & loding again into Transports will be saved, & the Transports will be freed from the trouble of this carriage, & Portsmouth may be always without any difficulty supplied with such a stock of Tin <514v> as shall be sufficient for Lisbon Genoa & Leghor{n}

All which is most humbly submitted to your Lordships great wisdome


[1] Mint Office

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