Her Majesty upon the votes & address of the house of Commons having by Warrant under her signe manual directed the Warden Master & Comptroller of her Mint to receive Plate into the said Mint & to give Receipts for the same after the rates of 5s 5d per ounce for plate of the old standard 5s 8d per ounce for plate of the new standard & 5s 6d per ounce for uncertain plate reduced to standard & having also directed me to coin the same & pay the moneys produced into the receipt of the Exchequer, but the Receivers of the Exchequer not being yet authorised to take the Mint Receipts or Bills dated after the 14th day of May, & the money to be coined out of the Plate for which those bills were given not being due into the Exchequer untill those Bills can be there received: I humbly lay before your Lordship that the Importers will lose the use of theire money so long as it shall remain in my hands & therefore pray your Lordship that I may be sufficiently authorized in such manner as your Lordship in your great wisdom shall think fit, to pay the moneys arizing out of the said plate either into the Exchequer for the Importers use or to the Importers themselves.

B. } Standard
B.1612 40.9.5

Sweep of the first imported parcel 58. 10. 2. 15

Sweep of the second imported parcel 29. 10. 3. 23.

Sweep of the old standard of the first imported parcel – 37. 8. 13. 10

Sweep of the new standard of the first imported parcel – 21. 1. 9. 5

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