May it please your Lordships

The plate taken in yester day, after the rates of 5s 5d & 5s 8d per ounce, amounts to about 9760 pounds: which with 29521 pounds worth taken in on friday & saturday makes the whole value about 39281li, I cannot yet be exact in the summ because our Clerks differed a little in theirrecconing. The uncertain plate may further amount to about {4000}li, & some parcells of markt plate which were lodged in the Mint but not yet weighed because the parties were absent when it came to their turn, may amount to about 1000li. besides some parcels brought in last night after we had done weighing which I think do scarce amount to 1200li

What shall be done thereupon i{s} most humbly submitted to your Lordshipsgreat wisdome.

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