An Inventory of the Plate and other things deliver'd

into the Treasury of the Mint by the Honourable Her

Majesties Commissioners for Prizes 15th. Febry 17023

One Draft Weighing 83l: 06oz: 00dwt.

A Benitier or Vessell for holy Water faced with Philligram Work.

A Plate with four Cups + four Potts about it and a salt with a Cover in the Middle.

A Salver, Three Dishes and an old salt.

A Cup Two Candlesticks, and an old Pan

32 New Plates, 22 Forks, 39 spoones + a piece of a spoon.

A Mermaid Gilt with a stone in the Body.

A Pair of snuffers, which seem to be of Coarse silver.

Twelve Thimbles, six Dozen of Brass Buttons + two Copper Boxes with 18 Rings in them.

A Sand Box + an Ink Box of Pewter + some pieces of a broken Antimoniall Cup.

Draft 2d. Weighing 7lwt.. 3oz.

An Hundred pieces of Eight.

A Crucifix with a Golden Chain.

A set of Beads + six Fanns + a Gold Ring with Nine false stones not Weighed.

A Golden Dolphin with a Chain.

Draught 3 Weighing 77l: 11oz: 00

Six Chocolate Potts, + a Water Pott, Two Candlesticks, 25 Silver Plates, Two salts, Two Dishes, an Ewer, a small Tumbler + Eight small Cakes of silver.

Draught 4th. Weighing 42lwt.: 07oz: 10dwt.

Two new Basons and Eweres well made

Draught 5th. Weighing 75lwt: 02oz: 00dwt.

A Font with a Weather Cock standing up in the Middle also a Water Pott + two Cakes of silver.

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