The standard weight of the silver coyned between the 1st & 15th of Feb. 16956 was 4184l. 3oz. 4d. 19gr, the coynage whereof is paid.

The standard imported weight of the twelve generall Remains is 790860l. 1oz. 19d. 8gr & made in tale 2463110l. 17s. 7d12 including both the Pix thereof which was in tale 1608l. 4s. 0d, & the charge of coynage & incidents which was paid out of it & amount to

The imported standard weight of all the hammered money out of which the charge of coynage was reserved & that of the Plate imported by the Commissioners was 696812. 8. 16. 6. the coynage of all which is paid & amounted to

The standard weight of all the Bullion imported from the 15th of Feb 16956 till this present Octob. 21 1698 is 126741℔wt. 00oz. 10d. 5gr & the coynage thereof is not yet paid for & at 17d12 per pound weight amounts to 9241l. 10s. 9d12 whereof 2112l. 07s. 00d12 is due to the Melter at 4d per pound weight & 5544l. 18s. 5d34 to the Monyer at 10d12 per pound weight & 132. 0. 514 to the Smith at 14d per pound weight & 1452l. 4s. 10d to the Master & Worker at 2d34 per pound weight.

Due to the Melter for melting 22747lwt. 10oz. 10dwt, of Plate at 1d per pound weight before Nov 4 96, 94l. 15s. 7 & for melting 24372lwt. 1oz. 0dwt of old money at three farthings per pound weight, 76l. 3s. 3d. In all due 170l. 18. 10.

Due to the Melter for refining 7394lwt of fine silver to make good the worsness of the Plate abovementioned 369l. 14s. 0d & 1452lwt more to the 24th of Iune last for carrying of the silver of Private Importers & about 1100 more to this present 127l. 12s. 00d in all due 497l. 6s. 0d.

Reserved in the Mint the surplus of the two pence per ounce of Publick Importers money 6346lb. 0s. 2d34 to be paid into the Exchequer abating only about 25s for the charge of the Tally at 2s per 1000lb 0s 0d & for the charge of the carriage is to be deducted.

Reserved more the surplus of the 2d per ounce of Private Importers money 997. 0s. 1034 which is now paid for the coynage of the Gold.

Received of Mr Hall last spring 2000 which is also paid for the coynage of the gold

Lately imprest to us 5000 for paying off private Importers in the Country & 3000 more paid by Mr Hall whereof 7000 was paid away & 1000 remains in the Mint.

Paid for the coynage of            of Gold till the end of Sept last 3590. 0s. 4d12 part of which was the 997lb. 00s 1034 & 2000 above mentioned.


A copy of the discharge given by Mr Hayes to Mr Burdikin & Mr Walford.

Left in the hands of Mr Thomas Burdikin & Mr Saml Walford in the Treasury of the Mint of Exon the Summ of fourteen hundred eighty eight pound six shillings & six pence & I oblige my self to make good the same to be the ballance of the Treasury & secure them from any demand. Exon. 18th Ian. 16978

Israel Hayes.

Copy of a Memorandum

Enterd in Mr. Spicers first Cash-book 31st Decembr. 1697° by Mr. Israel Hayes Comptroler at Exon

Memorandum Besides 500£s.: 00s.: 00d omitted the 19th Ianuary to be made receivd from the Treasury, which the Comptroler charges.

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