To the most honourable the Earl of Oxford & Earl Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain.

May it please your Lordship

According to your Lordships Order of Reference signified to us by Lowndes his Letter dated 29th of April last we have considered the annexed Letter of the Lords of the Privy Council in Ireland concerning the making current the new French moneys of Gold & Silver in that kingdom, together with the annexed Report of Mr Vincent Kidder Assaymaster there concerning the intrinsic values of those moneys. And by the weight of 55000 Louidiors of the new species amounting to 1197Lwt 1oz 11dwt we find that singly they are in weight one with another 5dwt 4gr 912mi And by the Assays of several Ingots melted out of new Louidors compared with the Assays of many single pieces We find that they are at a medium one grain & one 12th part of a grain worse then standard. And therefore by the weight & assay together they are singly worth but twenty shillings & six pence in England. And in Ireland where a Guinea passes for 1li 3s they are worth 1li 1s 11d12, & in our humble opinion should not pass there for more then 1li 2s. At which rate the half Lewidor may pas for 11s & the Quarter for 5s 6d.

Fifteen hundred silver Louisses of the new species weighed 1470 ounces, & therefore one with another they weigh singly an ounce wanting 9gr 12mites. They are an halfpenny weight worse then standard one with another, & therefore their standard weight at a medium is an ounce wanting 1013 grains. And so they are wroth 5s & three farthings a piece in England at present. And in Ireland where a Crown piece English passes for 5s 5d these Lewises singly are worth 5s 5d34116, & in the nearest rownd number may pass for 5s 6d & the half Lewises for 2s 9d & the Quarter pieces for 1612d.

All which is most humbly submitted to your Lordships great wisdome

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