In obedience to your Lordships order of reference of the 28th of Nov. 1699 we have considered the annexed Petition of the Governour & Company of the East Indian Merchants for procuring by your Lordships leave two Mills & two Presses with the Utensils there unto belonging to be sent to Fort St George for faciliating their coynage there: and upon enquiry we find that the said Merchants by their Charter? have a Mint at the said Fort for coyning Pagodes Rupees & other East Indian money by the Hammer & it is represented to us that their money so coyned is not so fair & specious as the like money coyned by the Dutch is not so much coveted by the natives, for which reason & for making dispatch in that {illeg} their coynage the said Merchants desire Mills & Presses as they represent We find also that by a late Act of Parliament mentioned in the said Petition, it is made High Treason for any person to make, procure or knowingly to have in his custody any Press for coynage or Cutter for cutting out the blanks by {fo}rce of a skrew unless by your Lordship Licence but the making & having of Mills is not forbidden nor requires your Lordships Licence. We do not find any barr to the erecting of a mint by the mill & Press at Fort St George by the said Merchants excepting the said Act of Parliament which barr your Lordships have power to remove by giving them leave to procure two Presses & Cutting Engins. But we humbly conceive that the opinion of the Council of Trade should be first had in this matter least the erecting of such a Mint should promote the exportation of money out of England or hinder the importation of Gold & Silver into his Majestys Mint in this kingdom & also that the opinion of the Attorney General should be had concerning the legalness of their Mint & the form of a licence, & lastly that sufficient security be given to your Lordships that the instruments licensed by your Lordships be not put to any other use than the coyning of East Indian money at Fort St George & for that end be shipt away to the said Fort upon their delivery from the Tower

NB Our Cutters will not do for East Indian money which is thick & narrow.

Q? Why the old Company would erect a Mint by the Mill & Press they being to expire within a year & some months.

Q? 1. Have the Company a Mint at For St George
2. When & how was that Mint erected & by what authority
3. Is it by their Charger or other authority derived from the King
4. Of what advantage will be a Mill & Press above a Hanmer
5 Have they a good graver.
6 Of what use is their coynage in trade & will it not draw Bullion or money from Engla{nd}
7 Have the King or Council of Trade bin consulted in this matter
8 The old company are expiring & have no need of a new mint
9 We cannot supply them with Cutters fit for their use
10 These is no need of a licence for a Mill
11 They must give security.
12 Had they not better take a Smith from England who can set up such a Mint

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