To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesties Treasury.

May it please your Lordships

In obedience to your Lordships Order of Reference of May 26th last, upon the Petition of Mr William Hamilton for being restored to his Place in his Majestys Mint at Edinburgh: I humbly represent that he who had been Clerk of the Bullion for the Mint in Scotland before the Vnion of the two kingdoms, & who by this Petition appears to be the Petitioner, was upon the ceasing of that place by the Vnion, & in recompence for the loss thereof, made an Officer in the present Mint in North Britain with a salary of 50li per ann, that salary having been allowed to him before when he was Clerk of the Bullion. And in the list of the Officers of that Mint annexed to the Indenture made between her late Majesty Queen Ann & Iohn Montgomery Esquire Master & Worker of that Mint, I find him entered in these words:

To the Clerk of the Bullion, as assistant to the Weigher
       & Teller & Surveyor of the Meltings, fifty pounds.

But that Indenture becoming void by the death of her said Majesty, & no grant of that place from his present Majesty being entred in the Books of the Treasury, & it not appearing lately that he was alive nor what was his name: he was omitted in the Warrant lately directed to the General of that Mint for continuing the said Indenture in force. But since it now appears that he is alive, if, in consideration of the services mentioned in his Petition, his Majesty shall think fit to restore him to that place, it may be done by a Warrant under his Majestys signe Manual directed to the said General for supplying the omission in the Warrant above mentioned which was directed to him.

All which is most humbly submitted to your Lordships great wisdom.

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