To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Majestys Treasury

May it please your Lords

I have perused the Memorial concerning the Mint in Scotland & humbly represent that Dr Gregory was sent down into Scotland to assist in regulating that Mint during the time of the Recoinage only as appears by his Report annexed to the Memorial, & that the three new Clerks were proposed by me to assist the Officers during that service & no longer & are now superfluous, & in the copy of Mr Montgomeries Indenture in the Treasury are omitted,

That the estimate of the charge of Salaries Repairs & Incidents given in to Parli{a}ament by Mr Allardice then the Master & Worker of that Mint, amounting to 1200 pounds, conteined the Salaries of the said three Clerks amounting to 120 pounds per an, and the pension of 50 per ano to the Clerk of the Bullion which is to cease & 50li per an given to Mr Drummond the Warden of that Mint which is also to cease, & the salary of the Generall of the Mint whose Office is useless

That the first Parliament of King Iames VIIth allowed for salaries repairs new Tools & Incidents only 12000 pounds Scots which answers to 900l English recconing a 60 pound peece Scots at 4s 6d English, & that the coinage then amounted only to about 300li per an more, so that 1200li pounds per an (which is allready allowed) is sufficient for all the charges of that Mint, especially if the Generalls Office upon the next voidance of that place, should cease pursuant to the Act of Vnion.

That the Coinage Acts before the Vnion, ordered that all the moneys arising by those Acts should be issued to the Master & Worker of the Mint in England for the use & service of that Mint in general without distinguishing (in the Warrants) between the moneys issued for salaries & repairs & those issued for coinage; & by the Act of Vnion the coinage monies ought to be issued in the same manner to the Master of the Mint in Scotland, & therefore the clause annexed to the Memorial & proposed to be added to the Bill is inconsistent with the Act of Vnion, which Ordeins that the Mint in Scotland be under the same Rules as the Mint in England. And for the same reason the clause in the Act of the 7th of the late Queen concerning the Mint in Scotland ought not to be restrained to salaries repairs & necessaries of the Mint by to extend also to the charge of coinage, & be issued out of the Exchequer of great Britain for the use & service of the Mint in general. And when the moneys are in the Exchequer of the Mint, the Officers of the Mint are to issue them out thence for particular services & see that no more be issued for salaries & repairs then are allowed by Act {of}of Parliament.

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