To the Right Honourable the Lord High Treasurer of great Britain

May it please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships Order of Reference of the 27th of November last, upon the annexed Memorial of the three Commissioners appointed by her Majestys late Privy Council of Scotland to receive all the Scots & foreign coin see it melted into Ingotts & deliver the Ingotts by weight & assay to be coined & to certify the deficiency; in which Memorial they humbly desire that your Lordship will be pleased to appoint them a suitable reward for their own attendance & trouble & for paying their Clerk & other servants & defraying the daily charge they are put to, & grownd their Petition upon their Commission which bears that they shall be sufficiently rewarded: We have considered the said Memorial, & because the business of these Commissioners requires diligent attendance in their own persons at the meltings & their trust is also considerable, We are humbly of opinion that they may deserve for themselves & their Clerk & other servants the summ of seven hundred pounds to be paid out of the bullion or coynage duty of that mint so soon as the present coynage shall be ended the equivalent which was the proper fund being now incumbered.

All which is most humbly submitted to your
Lordships great wisdome.


C. Peyton

Is. Newton

In Ellis

[1] Mint Office
28th Decemb. 1708

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