Much Honoured


When your Letter of the 4th, with my Lord High Treasurers warrant, to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasurie for payment of £892: 13: 4 Sterline to yourself Dr Gregorie and Mr Morgan came to this place, I hapned to be in the countrie fourty miles from this, about pressing business. Which I was verry much concerned at, But my friend att Edinbrugh, haveing by the order I left him, made open the Letter, went immediatly about the affair, and procured the Lords of Treasury their precept upon Mr Daniel Stuart to your order for £532: 13: 4 sterline being the money laid out by your self the copy whereof is inclosed, ane other precept to Dr Gregory for £300: and a third to Mr Morgan for £60. Mr Stuart himself being adieing I mett this day with his freind Mr Broun about the payment of the money, which on account of the uncertainty of Mr Stuarts Life I pressed, by desiring abill upon Sir David Nairn payable to you the Doctor and Mr Morgan for your severall summs upon dischargeing the precepts and your giving up the workmens vouchers, and I hade accordingly got it if Sir David Nairns freind hade been in town. <133v> But Mr Brown assoores me against nixt post I shall have it, so I have keept the precepts till then when I hope to send you the same with the bill upon Sir David, I gave the Clerk of the Treasury for your precept a guinea and as much for Mr Morgans being what is ordinary and to the under Clerks 9s: 6d, I shall be verry mindefull of the matter and you doe me a great deale of honour in giving me the least opportunity of acknowledgeing my self to be,

Much honoured Sir


Your much obliged and
most obedient humble servant

W Drummond



The much Honoured
Sir Isaac Newton

[1] Edinbrugh March 27th.                1708

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