Calling in the Scots Crowns Old and New, The Fourty, Twenty, and Ten shilling pieces to be Re-coined.

ANNE by the Grace of God Queen of Great-Britain France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, To Our {Late} King at Arms and his Brethren Heraults, Macers of Our Privy Council, Pursevan{ce}, Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, Conjunctly and severally, especially Constitute, Gree{t}ing, For as much, as We by Our former Proclamation of the date the nineteenth Day of September last, In prosecution of the fifteenth Article of the Treaty of Union betwixt the two Kingdoms, for reducing the Coin of Scotland, to the Standart and Value of the Coin of England, and of the Remit made by the late Parliament of Scotland to Our Privy Council for that Effect, Did, upon the grounds therein narrated, give full and distinct Orders to all our Liedges, Owners and Possessors re-coined and reduced to the Standart of England; And thereupon did further Ordain and Declare, That after the sixth day of October then next and now past, all the foresaids Foreign Species of Money should be no more Current, but only held and repute as Bullion in manner mentioned in the said Proclamation; And that after the fifteenth day of the said Month of October, it should only be received at the Mint as Bullion to be Re-coined without any consideration of Loss, and with the Benefit of a free Coinage allanerly, with the exception contained in favours of the Bank in manner mentioned in the said Proclamation. And it be further Resolved by Our Privy Council in Scotland, after the calling in of the foresaid Foreign Species of Money, to be Re-coined in the first place, That then the present Scots Coin now current in Scotland, should also be called in, in order to the said Reduction, as Our Privy Council should think fit. And there being sufficient provision now made to prevent the want, and maintain the currencie of Money and Species; Therefore We, in pursuance of the said Resolve, with Advice of Our Privy Council, have thought fit to Intimat, and do hereby Solemnly Intimat to all Our Liedges, Owners and Possessors of the several Species of Our Scots Coin following, viz. Scots Crowns Old and New, Fourty shilling, Twenty shilling, and Ten shilling pieces, shall be no more Current nor offered, nor Receivable in any payments; But shall, from & after thesaid Day, be only held & repute as Bullion to be disposed of by the Owners, within the Kingdom as they shall think fit, except as to the Bank of Scotland at Edinburgh, by whom the same shall be Received at the full Value, until the Twenty fifth day of the said Month of February next inclusive, & no longer in manner abovementioned; Declaring further, That the foresaid Scots Species, hereby Discharged and turned to Bullion, as said is, shall, from and after the said Twenty fifth day of February Inclusive, be only Received at the Mint, by whomsoever presented, either by the Bank or any other of Our Liedges as Bullion, to be Re-coined according to the said Standart and Value of the Coin of England; but without any consideration of Loss, which they may thereby sustain, and with the Benefit of a free Coinage allanerly, as was formerly in use: Excepting always herefrom, all the saids Scots Species, that shall be given in to, and found in the Bank, before and upon the said Twenty fifth day of February, according to an Accompt thereof to be taken by order of Our Privy Council for Certifying the same, to the effect, that when given in by the Bank at any time thereafter to the Mint for Re-coinage; The Bank and the Directors thereof may have their Loss and Allowance thereupon made good to them as given in before the said Day. Our Will is herefore, And We Charge you strictly, and Command, That incontinent {this} Our Letters seen, the pass to the Mercat-cross of Edinburgh, and the remanent Mercat-crosses of the Head Burghs of the several Shires and Stewartries within Scotland, and there, in Our Name and Authority, by open Proclamation, make Intimation hereof, that none pretend Ignorance: And Ordains Our Solicitors to transmit Printed copies hereof, to the Sherriffs of the several Shires, and Stewarts of the Respective Stewartries above mentioned, to be sent by them to the several Session Clerks of the Paroches within their Respective bounds: And Appoints the saids Clerks to Read and Intimate this our Proclamation in the Churches, before the Dissolution of the Congregation, That Our Royal Pleasure in the Premisses may be known to all concerned. And Ordains {this} pre{illeg} to be Printed. Given under Our Signet at Edinburgh the Twelfth day of Ianuary; And of Our Reign the sixth year. 1708.

Ex Deliberatione Dominorum secreti Concilii.
RO. FORBES Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD Save the QUEEN.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, ANNO DOM. 1708.

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