Work done for the use & service of her Majesties Mint at Edinburgh by Iohn Croker & Samuel Bull Gravers & Thomas Silvester Smith to her Majesties Mint in the Tower between the 15th day of Iuly 1707 & the 18th of December following

Two Master Puncheons for Crowns 25
Two Master Puncheons for half Crowns 20
Two Ditto for shillings 15
Two Ditto for sixpences 10
Two sets of small Punches letters &c for the Crown Dyes } 9
Two sets ditto for the half crowns 8.10
Two sets ditto for the shillings 6.
Two sets ditto for the sixpences 514
16 pair of crown Dyes at 26s per pair 20.16
48 pair of half crown Dyes at 19s a pair 45.12
48 pair of shilling Dyes at 13s 6d per pair 32.8
21 pair of sixpenny Dyes at 9s per pair 9.9
Paid for a pattern for a lead Table to rub Dyes upon } 0.5.

I Stanley

In Ellis

Many Receipts of particulars 133.16.10
Gravers Bill 207.14.00
Moneyers Bill 140.00.00
Scalemakers Bill 51.26

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