Ane account of the new regulation of Her Majesties Mint at Edinburgh humbly laid befor the Right Honourable The Earle of Godolphin Lord high Treasurer of Great Britain

In obedience to Her Majesties commands in a warrant dated the 12th Iuly 1707 I took Iourney to Scotland 21 Iuly and aryved at Edinburgh 1st august and upon Shewing her Majesties warrand to the Generall and other officers of the Mint there They prepared for the recoynage in the methods of the Mint of the Tower

And when the Moneyers aryved at Edinburgh The officers of the Mint I and they surveyed all the offices, tools, &c belonging to the Min and what were wanting were soon supplyed from London

After the officers of the Mint and I had Compared the former constitution of the Mint of Scotland with that in the Mint of the Tower, and with Her Majesties instructions concerning the recoynage Wee added three new Clerks (during the recoynage) To the Queens Clerk who was there befor To witt one for the Master, one for the warden, and one for the Counterwarden All these four Clerks were well instructed in the methods of rateing and standarding and the forms of book keeping used in the Mint of the Tower, By the Clerk sent by Her Majestie for this purpose

The Officers of the Mint and I considering that by bringing the Mint of Scotland to the same methods with that in the Tower more Officers became necessary, and being unwilling to encrease charges agreed that the warden and Counterwarden should by turns doe the office of surveyor of the meltings and that the Counter warden should officiat also as weigher and teller And that their Clerks should be Clerks to those offices It was also agreed that the Queens Clerk should be Clerk of the papers and Irons

The great difficultie was in the melting it being made there with pitt coall in this I made severall experiments according to directions which I received from Sir Isaac Newtoun from time to time and at last such rules of allaying were found out and agreed upon as by experience were found to make the Silver of standart fineness and the Assay Master haveing no Clerk was allowed ane assistant during this coynage

Matters being thus adjusted I continued in Edinburgh untill I saw the methods of the Mint of the Tower well understood and exactly practised by all concerned and the recoynage advanced so that they coyned 6000£: a week, And then at <173v> my request represented by Sir Isaac Newtoun to your Lordship and that there was no further occasion for my staying there your Lordship was pleased to dismiss me as I was informed by Sir Isaac Newtoun in his of 15th November I parted from Edinburgh on the 21 of November after haveing taken ane exact account of the state and Condition of the Mint at that time and left directions for encreasing the Coynage signed

David Gregorie


[1] London 13 Decer

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