To the Right Honourable the Earl of Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of great Britain.

May it please your Lordship

Vpon a memorial of Mr Drummond Warden of her Majesties Mint at Edinburgh & a Report made thereupon by the Officers of her Majesties Mint in the Tower of London, her Majesty having been pleased by her Warrant dated Iuly 12 to send Moneyers from the Mint in the Tower with an allowance of 9d per pound weight Troy for the coynage of silver money at Edinburgh, besides horses, hors-meat, hors-keepers fire & alume for their use & the charges of their journey thither & back & a weekly maintenance during their stay there when there is not work sufficient to maintain them; I have hitherto advanced money for these services that the coynage might receive no stop. But these charges being extraordinary except the 9d per pound weightt, I humbly pray that they may be allowed in my accounts as incident charges, & that moneys may be imprest to me from the Collector of the coynage Bullion for bearing these charges untill my accounts can be stated.

All which is most humbly submitted to your

Lordships great wisdome

George Allardes.


And whereas by order of her Majestys Council in Scotland I have hitherto melted the old moneys into Ingots to be recoyned & to be allowed      per pound weightt for the melting & this charge ought to be born by the Importer I humbly pray your Lordships Order for the payment of the sufficient out of the equivalent. All

[1] 4 Decembr

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