Novr 10th 1707

At a meeting of the officers of the Mint

Dr Gregory present

The officers of the Mint finding that the keeping back the fire & makeing the Assays is a great hinderance to the work (the moneyers now demanding much silver in Barrs) resolve that hereafter the pot being charged according to the pot bill, Ten double molds shall be laded off & then Allay put into the pot, as to silver 12 deadweight better (all former experience probing that in this time it does refine so much) and then other so double molds laded off, & again allay put into the pot, as to silver 12 deadweight better now remaining, and so on so long as the pot is a pouring off, & allay put to what remaines in the bottom when the Ladle will not dip according to the Assay of the last mold.

In a paper apart there is to be sett down the weight of the Allay to be put in after the first ten molds after the second ten molds after the third ten molds &c: And those allays weighed before the Warden or Counterwarden who that day {officiats} as Surveyer of the meltings & put into different papers marked as they are to be put into the pot.

The first & last of every ten molds is to be assayed & reported. There is an Assay of the scissell to be made when it is melted, and rated and standarded by the Clerks & allayed accordingly; and ten molds laded off, & then allayed at every tenth mold as above. These orders to continue only untill either now orders come from London or by the Experience of another to come from London, there be cause to change them


Ordeer of the Mint about Melting

10 Novr 1707

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