Edenborough. 9 Octr. 1707.


I received yours of the 4th instant, and have given directions accordingly. That same day I wrote a long letter to you, to which I wait an answer.

I told you I would give you an accurate account of the next melting, which was on tuesday last, & is this, I examined the Pot paper, and attended the whole melting and Essay my self. The Pot contained about 470Lib wt Troy. I have sent you enclosed pieces of the first Mold or F{la}sk, the midle mold, & the last mold, as you see them marked. Two Flasks are skrew'd together here, as with you. The Pot was just 35 minutes in being laded out, and I am satisfyed it cannot be done in shorter time here. You see that though the first mold be Standard by the Assay masters report, yet the last is near 2dwt better. I must again beg your directions what to doe in this case; for this is a great uncertainty.

I have also, as you directed me, sent you a piece of silver which our Assay Master finds to be precisely standard. This is that which is sealed. I must pray you to cause all those four pieces to be assayed in the Tower and give me an account of the tryal.


I saw our Assay master make assay of the standard tryal piece, at the same time that he made the assay of the pot & piece I speak of.

After a strict search into all the boxes that are come, We can find no Puncheons for small Armes & letters for shillings & sixpences, which therefore have not, in my opinion been sent: And there is only one sieve come to hand. All the other things are right. I am


Your most humble and
most obliged servant




Sir Isaac Newton at his house in Jermin Street near St James's Church Westminster

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