Extract of a Memoriall from Scotland relating to the

Mint and Recoynage of the Moneys there

"The Officers of the Mint have acquainted Vs That they cannot proceed to Coyn, because though they have shilling & Six pence Dyes, Yet the Cutters are not Sent, and they cannot be made here, because they must be made of Melted Iron in which no body can work in this part of the Kingdom, beside they donot want Severalls of the Tools and Materials that were Order'd by the last Ship, which is not Yet Arriv'd, They are also at a great loss for want of the Crown and halfe Crown dyes, And by the Order from Her Majesty to the Master of the Mint, there is a Certain proportion of Crowns & halfe Crownes, to be Coyn'd, and it is the more Necessary to do it, that we have got above 40 or 50000 pound of the Money from England in Shillings & Sixpences."

"All this Concerning the Coyn wou'd be speedily represented that the Necessary Orders may be given, and that in the mean time the officers of the Mint be allow'd to Coyn Shillings, and Sixpences, and they may afterwards Coyn the greater quantitys of Crowns & halfe Crowns, but it is to be remembrd that nothing can be done till the Cutters are sent."

"The Officers of the Mint, are also desiring, that a Summof Money may be Consigned to them for defraying the Charges &c. making a free and ready Coynage, There Petition is recommended by the Privy Councill to the Thesaury to be Comply'd with, and we hope that the Fond which was appointed by the Act of Parliament 1686 May be Sufficient for this End &c in Order to a more clear Knowledge of this We have appointed. Daniel Stewart the Collector of this Fond to bring in his Accounts Speedily."

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