Edenborough. 12 August. 1707.


I arrived here the first instant, & Mr Morgan with me, and the Monyers on the 8th. Since then wee have been as bussy as possible in putting all things in order toward the recoinage, which the Government here urges extremly. Notwithstanding all the things they sent to London for from this; upon a more strict enquyry by the Monyers, the things in the enclosed list are still wanting. I have sent a Copy of it to Sir David Nairn, and it will come regularly to you: but I thought it my duty to send it also to you immediatly. I must beg all dispatch, after it comes before you.

I find the Government here urges the Coyning Crowns & Half-Crowns first; both because greater dispatch can be made, & because more than one half of the moneys of the Equivalent that were sent down, is Sixpences. Therefore, Sir, the Puncheons for the Crowns & Half-crowns, and as many Dyes, made from them as is possible, will be much wanted here.


Great difficultys arise dayly about the way of receiving in the Coin here, and melting it down into Ingotts which seemes necessary before the Mint doe medle with it. Though this be not my bussines, yet you will much oblidge me to tell Me how this was managed in the great recoinage of England, and Where the Mint began first to be concerned in this matter.

If you send letters {di}rected for me, either to the Scotch Secretarys Office in the Privy Garden, or to the common Post; they will come right to hand. I am in all duty


Your most humble and most
obliged Servant DGregory.


[1] The enclosed is from
the Master of the
Mint here.

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