After our hearty commendations, Whereas by the Indenture of the Mint in the Tower you are authorized with the consent of the General of the Mint in Scotland to make two standard Piles of Troy weights of England & deliver one of them by Bill indented to the said General & whereas the service of that Mint requires h{illeg} so that the consent of the said General cannot now be had with sufficient speed these and therefore to direct & require to yo make two such Piles in the exactest manner that that may be without staying for the consent of the said General & to examin & stamp them with the arms of great Britain crowned & to deliver one of them to Sir David Nairn Knight secretary Depute
to be by him sent into Scotland & there delivered to the said General he giving such a receipt as by the said Indenture is directed.

To my very loving Friend
Sir Iohn Stanley Baronet
Warden of her Majestys Mint
in the Tower.

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