For recoining the moneys of Scotland in her Majesties Mint at Edinborough

An Order of her Majesty or Council is humbly desired, that the Warden of her Majesties Mint in the Tower do forthwith make or cause to be made two Piles of Troy weight of great Britain, in the most exact & perfect manner that by his endeavours can be done, & that the greater & smaller weights of the said two Piles be made & framed proportionable thereunto, & that they be examined & printed with a Rose & Thistle standing upon one common stalk & crowned with one common crown & the date stamped upon them, in the presence of the Officers of her Majesties Mint in the Tower, & that one of the said Piles be then delivered by the said Warden to the Order of the Lord High Treasurer to be carried to her Majesties Mint at Edinborough & there to remain with her Majesties Officers of the said Mint, to the end that other weights of Troy may be there made conformable unto them, & the other of the said piles to remain with the Warden or Wardens for the time being within the said Tower of London.

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