I have reexamined the paper I left in your hands last week concerning her Majestys allowance to her forces at Dunkirk per 20s sterling, & send it to you under my hand.

The three Guilder piece of Holland new out of the Mint is worth in new English silver money at a medium 5s 2d34. And thence 20s in new English silver money is intrinsically worth in new Dutch silver money at a medium 11 Guilders 9 stivers 534 deniers . But 20s English have of late passed in Holland for ten Guilders & 9 or 10 styvers, or at a medium, for ten Guilders & 912 styvers. And by consequence the loss by the exchange was about one Guilder. Of this loss her Majesty allowed the forces in Flanders 512 styvers & the forces lost about 1412 styvers. Her Majestys allowance was after the rate of 225 per cent & the loss of the forces after the rate of 613 per cent.

The French crown new species fresh out of the Mint is worth in new English silver 5s 1d. And thence 20s English are worth in French silver money new species 19Livres 13sous 53 deniers, at a medium But 20s English silver money pass at Dunkirk for 17s. 00. 00. And by consequence the loss by the exchange is 2livres. 13sous. 53den And this loss being divided between her Majesty & the forces at Dunkirk in the same proportion as before in Flanders: her Majestys allowance will come to 14710 livres, or in the next round number to 15 sous, which is after the rate of 345 per cent And the forces at Dunkirk will beare the loss of 1liver 18sous 53 deniers which is after the rate of 934 per cent.

According to the proportion therefore allowed in Flanders her Majestys allowance to the forces at Dunkirk for 20s will amount 17 livres, 15 sous reconning a crown piece new species of France at 5 livres. But her Majesty may vary the proportion at pleasure.

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