The three spanish pieces of two Ryals which were sent to me by your Lordships order {to} be examined are very unequally coined. One of them weighd 3dwt 614 grains & is 412dwt worse then our standard. Another weighd 3dwt 13grains & is standard scant. A third weighs 3 dwt 1023gr & is 412dwt worse. These three & that which by your lordships order I caused to be assayed some weeks agoe & which was 312dwt worse then standard, & weighed 3dwt 6gr, are one with another at a medium in weight 3dwt 9gr & in Assay 3316dwt worse than standard & in value 10d516.+[1] And if a Mexico piece of eight be worth 4s 6d then 800000 pieces of eight will make about 4189000 two Ryall pieces of K. Charles.

5 Carolu's & 29 of a Carolus equal a Mexico piece of 8. 47 Caroluses equal 9 pieces of 8 & 8000000 pieces of 8 should make 4180000 Carolusses.

If a piece of 8 be recconed at 54d, 800000 pieces of 8 will make 4189100 Carolusses. But 13 per 100 abated brings it to 4175000

[1] And a Mexico piece of eight worth 4-6 is almost 5 per cent better in value then 5 of these two Ryal pieces. And 800000 such Mexico pieces of 8 will make 4189000 such two Ryal pieces

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