A Table of the weight and intrinsic value of forreign coynes in England.

Weight Value
dwtgr sd
Sevil pieces of eight, old Plate 17.12 4.6
Sevil pieces of eight, new Plate 14.00 3.734
Mexico pieces of Eight 17.12 4.6
Pillar pieces of Eight 17.12 4.634
Peru pieces of eight 17.12 4.5
Cross Dollars 18.00 4.434
Ducatons of Flanders 20.21 5.6
Ecus of France or silver Lewises 17.12 4.6
Crusados of Portugal 11.04 2.10
Three Guilder Pieces of Holland 20.07 5.214
Old Rix Dollars of the Empire 18.10 4.6

The halfs quarters & other parts in proportion to their denominations & light pieces in proportion to their weight.

At the rate that Sevil Mexico & Pillar pieces of eight are raised in any of the Plantations from 4s 6d to 6s al the other pieces may be raised, that is in the proportion of four to three & not above. And according to this rate the Ecu of France and the old Rix Dollar of the Empire of the weight above mentioned may pass for 6s, the Peru piece of eight for 5s 10d12, the Cross Dollar for 5s 1014 the Ducaton of Flanders for 7s 4d, the Crusado of Portugal for 3s 9d12 & the three Guilder piece of Holland for 6s 11d.

The pieces of eight new Plate are of the same allay with the piece of 88 old plate, but are lighter in the proportion of four to five & so may pass in the Plantations simply for 3s. 7d15 being of just weight, & five of them for four pieces of Eight old plate.

The Peru pieces of eight are more uncertain in their allay then the rest of the coyns. They are some of them eleven ounces fine or above & some of them half an ounce coarser of above & so they are recconed by the Goldsmiths in London. But according to the assays lately made in the Tower they are for the most part about 10 ounces 18 penny weight fine. At which rate a Peru piece of eight weighing 17dwt 12gr is worth 4s 5d intrinsic value & may pass in the Plantations for 5s 10d12 as above.

I{s: Newton}


[1] Mint Office
   Iune 1704.

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