To the Right Honourable the Lord High Treasurer of England

May it please your Lordship

According to your Lordships Order, Mr White has been with me several times to make out his Proposal for preventing the counterfeiting of stampt Paper, but without convincing me of its fitness to be used

For whereas he proposes to past or glue a Mill-mark upon the Paper, this Mark thus becomes a faint one, not well to be seen unless by holding the paper between the eye & the light; and it is also unornamental, appearing on the paper like a patch. And for these reasons it will not please the people.

It may be counterfeited in several ways, & by the Paper-makers it may be counterfeited more exactly then the stamps can be by Gravers

And it doth not appear to me that the dammage susteined by counterfeiting the stamps, equals the charge which the Government would be at in making & glueing on the Mill-mark.

However finding that Mr White is not satisfied in this Report I am willing if your Lordship thinks fit that the matter should be reexamined by whom your Lordship pleases.

All which is most humbly submitted to your Lordships great wisdome

Is. Newton.


[1] May 15th 1704.

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