That all sorts of money are current at Dunkirk but under such values as are put upon them by the French.

That the old French Ecus & Lewidor's are lately called in & recoined into new Crowns of 5 Livres & Lewidor's of 20 livres. And these pieces are of the same allay as the former & of the same weight with english Crowns & Guineas abating a few grains for the charge of coinage.

That before the conquest of Lisle by the Dutch money was returned by the French to Dunkirk by Lisle & the value of the several coins at Dunkirk was regulated by their value at Lisle in livres sous & deniers. But since the conquest of Lisle the Dutch have introduced their own way of valuing the several coins by skillings & deniers or Gilders & styvers.

That at present there is no course of exchange by the Merchants of either England or Holland with Dunkirk: but moneys may be returned to Lisle or Antwerp & carried thence in specie to Dunkirk at a small charge.

That if moneys be returned to Antwerp or Lisle under the denomination of Guilders & Styvers & carried thence to Dunkirk & paid there to her Majestys forces according to the value put upon the several species of moneys at Antwerp or Lisle, recconing 10 Guilders 15 styvers to a pound English, there will need no new authority for paying her Majestys forces at Dunkirk. And this method may be continued till a better can be setled.

That the money of Holland & Flanders is valued higher at Lisle & Antwerp in proportion to French money then at Dunkirk & thereby there will be some loss in carrying such money to Dunkirk. And new French money in not yet to be had in quantity in Holland & Flanders if it can be had there in quantity & sent that to Dunkirk. But forreign Bullion may be bought of the Merchants & sent to Dunkirk to be coined, & paid to the forces at Dunkirk reconning a new French crown at about two or three per cent above its intrinsic value in English money or perhaps at 5s English & a new liver at 1s. But the intrinsic value of that money must be first known. For which end it may be convenient to examin a pound weight or two of new French crowns & some of the new Lewidors.

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